Energy efficiency home evaluation services

Operating as both an Energy Advisor (EA) and NRCan licensed Service Organization (SO), we are able to seamlessly deliver all of your energy code compliance and Energuide labelling needs.


Energy modelling


 ~ Design phase: Pre-construction ~


To ensure that your home design will meet the energy efficiency requirements directed in the National Energy Code for Buildings (Section 9.36) and other regional efficiency requirements.

Prior to issuing a building permit, municipal code officials will generally require evidence (and summary forms) proving that the design is code compliant.

What do I get?

Using building plans provided by the builder or homeowner, we model the proposed home design in a specialized energy simulation and design software and compare it to a reference house.

We provide you with all the required 9.36 documentation to obtain your building permits, including:

  1. Proposed house report-what you’re actually building and the building envelope specification, mechanical and window specs you will need to comply
  2. Reference house report- all the geometry and  components of your house you’re building, but to the prescriptive path requirements
  3. Municipal summary form - This is a high level easy to read breakdown showing the building envelope components and the proof your home (proposed) has a lower GJ consumption then the reference house
  4. RSI calculations and details - If not provided by the builder, we draw the details and supply the RSI calculations if builders don’t have them. Municipalities generally require them.

To ensure energy code compliance, we:

  • Walk you through your options to comply should your design not meet requirements - No additional charge!
  • Work with the local authorities to develop an acceptable report - No additional charge!


Energy performance

Measure the energy efficiency of your home

~ Construction phase: Once the air barrier is installed* ~ 


To confirm that your build complies with energy performance standards and inform areas of improvement, these test determine the air change rate and the amount/location of air leakage.

Required for EnerGuide certification. May be required to apply for incentives and rebates. 

*Note: Some municipalities require both a pre-drywall and post-drywall air tightness test.

What do I get?

One of our certified Energy Advisors (EA) will conduct an on-site evaluation and performance tests, including blower door test. 

We provide you with:

  • Air changed per hour (ACH) rating 
  • On-site consulting to identify improvement areas
  • EnerGuide documentation
  • Additional - Thermal image reports
    • Thermal images of problem areas




EnerGuide labeling

The government backed, official record of your home’s energy performance

~ Completion phase: Following energy modelling and performance testing; Before and after renovations to access grants and incentives ~


The EnerGuide rating, label and report is a comprehensive service designed by the federal government to help you improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

This shows you where to make improvements and which ones are most important to improve your home’s energy performance. 

May be required to apply for incentives and rebates. 

What do I get?

Through our integrated, NRCan licensed Service Organization, Enervision, we consolidate the energy modelling and performance reports and provide you with:

  • EnerGuide label and energy efficiency evaluation report
    • Checklist: recommended retrofits to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
    • Your EnerGuide rating: the modelled energy consumption of your home measured in gigajoules per year. 
    • A typical new house reference: the EnerGuide rating your home would have if it had been built to current building code. 
    • Breakdown of the rated annual energy consumption: A pie-chart breakdown of the major energy uses within the house and an initial overview of where you can lower home energy costs.
    • Greenhouse gas emissions: the estimated GHGs emitted annually as a result of using energy in your home.


Building performance consulting




To save you money, time, and ensure that you build a lasting, efficient, comfortable home.


What do I get?

Access to over 40 years of hands on experience; Our building envelope experts bring creative solutions to save you money, time, and a lasting, efficient, comfortable home.